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Toeplitz Matrices, Asymptotic Linear Algebra, and Functional Analysis
Alberecht Bottcher and Sergei M. Grudsky

This text is a self-contained introduction to some problems for Toeplitz matrices that are placed in the borderland between linear algebra and functional analysis. We confine ourselves to Toeplitz matrices with rational symbols, and we focus our attention on the asymptotic behavior of the singular values, which includes the behavior of the norms, the norms of the inverses, and the condition numbers as special cases.

The text illustrates that the asymptotics of several linear algebra characteristics depend in a fascinating way on functional analytic properties of infinite matrices. We also demonstrate that a lot of nice convergence results can very comfortably be obtained by working with appropriate C*-algebras, while refinements of these results, for example, estimates of the convergence speed, nevertheless require hard analysis.

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2000‚ 9788185931241‚ 126 pages‚ paper cover‚ Out of Print