Texts and Readings in Mathematics

The series Texts and Readings in Mathematics, more familiar as its acronym, TRIM, was started in 1992 by Rajendra Bhatia of the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi. From its inception, Professor C. S. Seshadri, as well as other distinguished Indian mathematicians have been associated with the series.

Bringing original mathematical texts of high quality to Indian—as well as global—audiences, TRIM has been the solution to a longstanding problem that students of mathematics in India have faced: the lack of affordable high quality texts.

TRIM publications, carefully chosen by the Editorial Board, deal with important topics in mathematics and its applications. Senior mathematics students, Ph.D. scholars, students of science and engineering with a serious interest in mathematics, and college and university teachers who want to augment their old courses with new material find this series useful.

The list of authors is impressive, and includes some of the most distinguished mathematicians of the world (four of whom are recipients of the Fields Medal). Most of the books are by leading Indian mathematicians. A few are reprints of classic works. The books are an accurate reflection of the quality of mathematics that is practised in the country.

The standard of exposition is high. However, every attempt is made to be pedagogical; background material not found in standard texts is clearly explained, making the books accessible to a large audience.

One of the aims of the series is to build up a corpus of excellent mathematics texts that are easily available within India. Thus TRIM encourages its authors to publish high quality manuscripts in India, while ensuring that a global audience is not ignored. TRIM books are distributed outside India by the American Mathematical Society. Some titles have been co-published outside India as well, and co-publishers include Springer, Birkhauser, AMS, MAA, and the Princeton and Cambridge University Presses. The TRIM series books have wide distribution and can be found in all academic libraries that support mathematics programs.

With the publication of its 80th volume TRIM has firmly established itself as a prominent series of advanced mathematics texts, comparable to the best in the world. This has transformed the image of science publication in India.

Managing Editor

Rajendra Bhatia, Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi.

Advisory Editor:

C. S. Seshadri, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai.


Manindra Agrawal, Indian Institute of Technololgy, Kanpur
V.Balaji, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai
R.B.Bapat, Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi.
V.S Borkar, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai
Apoorva Khare, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
T.R. Ramadas, Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai
V.Srinivas, Tata Inst. of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

Technical Editor:

P. Vanchinathan, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai.