Stochastic Approximation: A Dynamical Systems View Point(2/e)
Vivek S. Borkar

This book gives a comprehensive treatment of stochastic approximation algorithms using their differential equation limits...

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A First Course in Graph Theory and Combinatorics(2/e)
Sebastian M. Cioaba and M. Ram Murty

Graphs are fundamental in mathematics since they conveniently encode diverse relations and facilitate

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A Second Course in Analysis
M. Ram Murty

This book represents material suitable for a two semester graduate course in analysis. Based on courses given by the author since 2007, it is targeted towards graduate students preparing for a research career in mathematics.

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The Mathematics of India: Concepts, Methods, Connections
P. P. Divakaran

In the millennia-long story of the mathematical tradition of India, certain exceptionally fruitful periods stand out. This book identifies three of them:...

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Classical Dynamics: A Modern Perspective
E.C.G. Sudarshan and N. Mukunda

Classical dynamics is traditionally treated as an early stage in the development of physics, a stage that has long been superseded by more ambitious theories.

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Classical Theory of Electricity and Magnetism: A Course of Lectures(Revised Edition)
A. K. Raychaudhuri

Amal Kumar Raychaudhuri -- of the eponymous Raychaudhuri equations of the General Theory of Relativity -- taught physics at Presidency College

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