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Operators on Hilbert Space
V. S. Sunder

This book's principal goals are to present the spectral theorem as a statement on the existence

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Introduction to Matrix Analysis and Applications
Fumio Hiai and Denes Petz

Matrices can be studied in different ways. They are a linear algebraic structure and have a topological/analytical aspect

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Problems in the Theory of Modular Forms
M. Ram Murty, Michael Dewar and Hester Graves

This book introduces the reader to the fascinating world of modular forms through a problem-solving approach.

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Mathematics in India
Kim Plofker

Based on extensive research in Sanskrit sources, Mathematics in India chronicles the development of mathematical techniques...

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Lie Groups and Lie Algebras for Physicists
Ashok Das and Susumu Okubo

Ashok Das and Susumu Okubo are colleagues at the University of Rochester and are both very well known theoretical high energy physicists.

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N=2 Supersymmetric Dynamics for Pedestrians
Tachikawa, Yuji

Understanding the dynamics of gauge theories is important because all known interactions are based on the principle of local gauge ....

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