Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences

The Physics of Disordered Systems
Gautam I. Menon and Purusattam Ray (Editors)

Trips 11Disordered systems are ubiquitous in nature and their study remains a profound and challenging subject of current research. Ideas and methods from the physics of disordered systems have been fruitfully applied to several fields ranging from computer science to neuroscience.

This book contains a selection of lectures delivered at the `SERC School on Disordered Systems', spanning topics from classic results to frontier areas of research in this field. Spin glasses, disordered Ising models, quantum disordered systems, structural glasses, dilute magnets, interfaces in random field systems and disordered vortex systems are among the topics discussed in the text, in chapters authored by active researchers in the field, including Bikas Chakrabarti, Arnab Das, Deepak Kumar, Gautam Menon, G. Ravikumar, Purusattam Ray, Srikanth Sastry and Prabodh Shukla.

This book provides a gentle and comprehensive introduction to the physics of disordered systems and is aimed at graduate students and young scientists either working in or intending to enter this exciting field. It should also serve as a general reference for students and practicing researchers alike.
1. Introduction to the Physics of Disordered Systems: Gautam I. Menon and Purusattam Ray
2. Phase Transitions in Disordered Quantum Systems-Transverse Ising Models: Bikas K. Chakrabarti and Arnab Das
3. The Physics of Structural Glasses: Srikanth Sastry
4. Dilute Magnets: Deepak Kumar
5. Domains and Interfaces in Random Fields: Prabodh Shukla
6. Vortex Glasses: G. Ravikumar

Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences/11
2012, 9789380250328, 190 pages, paper cover, Rs. 300.00