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Matrix Computations (4/e)
Gene H. Golub and Charles F. Van Loan

trim43 newThe fourth edition of Gene H. Golub and Charles F. Van Loan's classic is an essential reference for computational scientists and engineers in addition to researchers in the numerical linear algebra community. Anyone whose work requires the solution to a matrix problem and an appreciation of its mathematical properties will find this book to be an indispensible tool.

This revision is a cover-to-cover expansion and renovation of the third edition. It now includes an introduction to tensor computations and brand new sections on
• fast transforms • parallel LU • discrete Poisson solvers • pseudospectra • structured linear equation problems • structured eigenvalue problems • large-scale SVD methods • polynomial eigenvalue problems

Matrix Computations is packed with challenging problems, insightful derivations, and pointers to the literature—everything needed to become a matrix-savvy developer of numerical methods and software.

Gene H. Golub (1932–2007) was a professor emeritus and former director of scientific computing and computational mathematics at Stanford University. Charles F. Van Loan is a professor of computer science at Cornell University, where he is the Joseph C. Ford Professor of Engineering.
"A mine of insight and information and a provocation to thought; the annotated bibliographies are helpful to those wishing to explore further. One could not ask for more, and the book should be considered a resounding success."
-- Bulletin of the Institute of Mathematics and Its Applications
"Problems, solutions, and discussions of the formulas, methods and literature surrounding matrix computations make for a reference that is specific and well detailed: perfect for any college-level math collection appealing to engineers."
-- Midwest Book Review
"Written for scientists and engineers, Matrix Computations, fourth edition provides comprehensive coverage of numerical linear algebra. Anyone whose work requires the solution to a matrix problem and an appreciation of mathematical properties will find this book to be an indispensable tool."
-- MathWorks
1 Matrix Multiplication
2 Matrix Analysis
3 General Linear Systems
4 Special Linear Systems
5 Orthogonalization and Least Squares
6 Modified Least Squares Problems and Methods
7 Unsymmetric Eigenvalue Problems
8 Symmetric Eigenvalue Problems
9 Functions of Matrices
10 Large Sparse Eigenvalue Problems
11 Large Sparse Linear System Problems
12 Special Topics

Table of Contents

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