Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences

Lie Groups and Lie Algebras for Physicists
Ashok Das and Susumu Okubo

trips 14 sAshok Das and Susumu Okubo are colleagues at the University of Rochester and are both very well known theoretical high energy physicists. Das has worked on supersymmetry, supergravity and various other areas in theoretical physics, while Okubo, who was awarded the Wigner Medal for his contributions to Group Theory in 2006 has long been interested in the applications of Lie algebras and other non-associative algebras in both physics and mathematics.

The emphasis in the present book is on the interrelations of representation theories of Lie groups and the corresponding Lie algebras. It is intended for students of theoretical physics at the post-graduate level, and researchers interested in applications of Lie group theory and Lie algebras in physics will find it invaluable.
1 Introduction to groups
2 Representation of groups
3 Lie algebras
4 Relationship between Lie algebras and Lie groups
5 Irreducible tensor representations and Young tableau
6 Clifford algebra
7 Lorentz group and the Dirac equation
8 Yang-Mills gauge theory
9 Quark model and SUF (3) symmetry
10 Casimir invariants and adjoint operators
11 Root system of Lie algebras

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2014, 350 pages, Soft cover, 978-93-80250-63-2, Rs.750.00