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Lectures on Electromagnetism (2/E)
Ashok Das

Trips 4These lecture notes have evolved from courses on electromagnetism taught to graduate and undergraduate students by Professor Ashok Das at the University of Rochester. The basics of the subject are explained with clarity and attention to detail that are characteristics of all of his books.

The chapters cover, in considerable detail and in logical sequence, topics ranging from electrostatics, magnetostatics and Maxwell's equations to plasmas and radiation. Boundary value problems are treated extensively, as are wave guides, electromagnetic interactions and fields. This second edition has expanded discussions on many topics and a lot more details on the derivation of various equations, particularly in the second half of the book which deals with more advanced topics.

All in all, this set of lecture notes, written in a simple and lucid style will complement other texts on electromagnetism and will be a valuable addition to the physics bookshelf.
Extract from Advance Reviews
"Ashok Das is a remarkable teacher. He is precise and exceptionally clear. His arguments are logical and impeccable, which is why all his students love him. Ashok's lecture notes on Electromagnetism contain the essence of the subject, and reflect his care for clarity of content and simplicity in style."
--Thomas Ferbel (University of Rochester)
Professor Das has done a superb job of explaining electricity and magnetism in his new book which is bound to become a classic. Clear, readable, and accurate, Das' book takes the reader through all the important developments in electrodynamics.
-- Michio Kaku (City University of New York)
1. Electrostatics
2. Potential for Simple Systems
3. Boundary Value Problems
4. Dielectrics
5. Magnetostatics
6. Maxwell's equation
7. Wave Guides
8. Propagation through a Conducting Medium
9. Radiation
10. Electromagnetic Fields of Currents
11. Plasma
12. Electromagnetic Interactions
13. Scattering and Diffraction

Texts and Readings in Physical Sciences/4
2013, 468 pages, Soft cover, 978-93-80250-50-2, Rs. 1050.00