V. Srinivas, S. K. Roushon, Ravi A. Rao, A. J. Parameswaran, and A. Krishna (Editors)

K-theoryCover-ImageThis volume contains the proceedings of the international colloquium organized by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in January 2016, one of a series of colloquia going back to 1956.

The talks at the colloquium covered a wide spectrum of mathematics, ranging over algebraic geometry, topology, algebraic K-theory and number theory. Algebraic theory, homotopy theory and topological K-theory formed important sub-streams in this colloquium.

Several branches of K-theory, like algebraic cycles, triangulated categories of motives, motivic cohomology, motivic homotopy theory, Chow groups of varieties, Euler class theory, equivariant K-theory as well as classical K-theory have developed considerably in recent years, giving rise to newer directions to the subject as well as proving results of "classical" interest. The colloquium brought together experts in these various branches and their talks covered this wide spectrum, highlighting the interconnections and giving a better perspective of the whole subject area.

This volume contains refereed articles by leading experts in these fields and includes original results as well as expository materials in these areas.
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416 pp, Hardcover, Rs.800.00, ISBN: 978-9-386279-74-3, 2019