Texts and Readings in Mathematics

Introduction to Probability and Measure
K.R. Parthasarathy

According to a remark attributed to Mark Kac, probability theory is measure theory with a soul. Furthermore, measure theory has its own ramifications in topics like function spaces, operator theory, generalized functions, ergodic theory, group representations, quantum probability etc. On the other hand recent explosive developments in the applications of probability theory have imposed the need for a good grasp of measure theory among a wide spectrum of scholars ranging from economists to engineers and physicists to psychologists. This book with its choice of proofs, remarks, examples and exercises has been prepared by taking both these aesthetic and practical aspects into account. Courses based on this book will help undergraduate and graduate students in getting a firm grasp of the fundamentals in the twin themes of probability and measure theory.

This is a corrected version of the book published earlier in 1977.
1. Probability on Boolean Algbras
2. Extension of Measures
3. Borel Maps
4. Integration
5. Measures on Product Spaces
6. Hilbert Space and conditional Expectation
7. Weak Convergence of Probability Measures
8. Invariant Measures on Groups

Texts and Readings in Mathematics/ 33
2005, 354 pages, Softcover, 978-81-85931-55-5, Rs.600.00