Texts and Readings in Mathematics

Inequalities - An Approach Through Problems
B.J. Venkatachala
This book is an introduction to the study of fundamental inequalities like the arithmetic mean-geometric mean inequality, the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality, the Chebyshev inequality, the rearrangement inequality, inequalities for convex and concave functions. The emphasis is on the use of these inequalities for solving problems. Its special feature is a chapter on the geometrical inequalities which studies relations between various geometrical measures. It contains more than 300 problems, many of which are applications of inequalities. A large number of problems are taken from the International Mathematical Olympiads(IMO) and many national olympiads from countries across the world.

The book should be very useful for students participating in mathematical contests. It should also help graduate students in consolidating their knowledge of inequalities by way of applications.

1. Some basic inequalities
2. Techniques for proving inequalities
3. Geometric inequalities
4. Applications involving inequalities
5. Problems on inequalities
6. Solutions to problems

Texts and Readings in Mathematics/ 49
Reprint 2015, 400 pages, papercover, 9789380250717, Rs. 650.00