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First Steps in Several Complex Variables - Reinhardt Domains
Marek Jarnick and Peter Pflug

Other-First Steps in Several ComplexThis book provides a comprehensive introduction to the field of several complex variables in the setting of a very special but basic class of domains, the so-called Reinhardt domains. In this way the reader may learn much about this area without encountering too many technical difficulties.

Chapter 1 describes the fundamental notions and the phenomenon of simultaneous holomorphic extension. Chapter 2 presents a fairly complete discussion of biholomorphisms of bounded (complete) Reinhardt domains in the two dimensional case. The third chapter gives a classification of Reinhardt domains of existence for the most important classes of holomorphic functions. The last chapter deals with invariant functions and gives explicit calculations of many of them on certain Reinhardt domains. Numerous exercises are included to help the readers with their understanding of the material. Further results and open problems are added which may be useful as seminar topics.

The primary aim of this book is to introduce students or non-experts to some of the main research areas in several complex variables. The book provides a friendly invitation to this field as the only prerequisite is a basic knowledge of analysis.
The book is very nicely written and it is enriched by many useful exercises and various suggestions for further investigations.
--Zentralblatt MATH
1 Reinhardt domains
2 Biholomorphisms of Reinhardt domains
3 Reinhardt domains of existence of special classes of holomorphic Functions
4 Holomorphically contractible families on Reinhardt domains
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2012, 9789380250298, 367 pages, paper cover, Rs: 495.00
Published and distributed in India with permission of the European Mathematical Society