Culture and History of Mathematics

Contributions to the History of Indian Mathematics
G. G. Emch, R. Sridharan and M. D. Srinivas (Editors)

This volume consists of a collection of articles based on lectures given by scholars from India, Europe and USA at the sessions on 'History of Indian Mathematics'at the AMS-India mathematics conference in Bangalore during December 2003. These articles cover a wide spectrum of themes in Indian mathematics. They begin with the mathematics of the ancient period dealing with Vedic Prosody and Buddhist Logic, move on to the work of Brahmagupta, of Bhaskara, and that of the mathematicians of the Kerala school of the classical and medieval period, and end with the work of Ramanaujan, and Indian contributions to Quantum Statistics during the modern era.

The volume should be of value to those interested in the history of mathematics.

Table of Contents

Culture and History of Mathematics/ 3
2005, 9788185931586, 300 pages, hard cover, Out of Print