Collected/Selected Works in Mathematics

Collected Papers of C.S. Seshadri
Vikraman Balaji, V. Lakshmibai, Pavman M. Murthy and Madhav V. Nori (Editors)

Other1Over the past fifty years, C.S. Seshadri has been a towering figure in the mathematical horizon, and his contributions have been central to the development of moduli problems and geometric invariant theory as well as representation theory of algebraic groups. The two volumes of the collected papers have been organized in accordance with the subject matter, reflecting faithfully the diversity of his mathematical contributions. These volumes will achieve the objective of inspiring future generations of mathematicians and provide insights into the unique mathematical personality of C.S. Seshadri.
Vol. 1 - Vector Bundles and Invariant Theory
Vol. 2 Schubert Geometry and Representation Theory

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2011, 9789380250175, pages, hard cover, 2 volumes set, Rs: 3000.00