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Analytic and Algebraic Geometry
Anilatmaja Aryasomayajula, Indranil Biswas, Archana S. Morye, A. J. Parameswaran (Editors)

other maths main-aThis volume is an outcome of the International conference held in Tata Institute of Fundamental Research and University of Hyderabad. There are fifteen articles in this volume. The main purpose of the articles is to introduce recent and advanced techniques in the area of Analytic and Algebraic Geometry. This volume attempts to give recent developments in the area to target mainly young researchers, who are new to this area. Also some research articles have been added to give examples of how to use these techniques to prove new results.

Marco Antei
On the Bumpy Fundamental Group Scheme

Anilatmaja Aryasomayajula
Heat Kernels, Bergman Kernels, and Cusp Forms

Usha N. Bhosle
On a Conjecture of Butler

Indranil Biswas and Mahan Mj
A Survey of Low Dimensional (Quasi) Projective Groups

Niels Borne
Parabolic Sheaves and Logarithmic Geometry

Emre Coskun
A Survey of Ulrich Bundles

Ananyo Dan
Noether-Lefschetz Locus and a Special Case of the Variational
Hodge Conjecture: Using Elementary Techniques

A. El Mazouni and D.S. Nagaraj
Tangent Bundle of P2 and Morphism from P2 to Gr(2;C4)

Michel Emsalem
Twisting by a Torsor

Viktoria Heu and Frank Loray
Hitchin Hamiltonians in Genus 2

Inder Kaur
Smoothness of Moduli Space of Stable Torsion-free Sheaves with Fixed
Determinant in Mixed Characteristic

Johan Martens
Group Compactifications and Moduli Spaces

Archana S. Morye
The Serre-Swan Theorem for Ringed Spaces

Georg Schumacher
An Extension Theorem for Hermitian Line Bundles

Tathagata Sengupta
Elliptic Fibrations on Supersingular K3 Surface with Artin Invariant 1 in
Characteristic 3

2017, 296 pages, Hardcover,978-93-86279-64-4, Rs.850.00