Texts and Readings in Mathematics

Analysis, Geometry and Probability
Rajendra Bhatia (Editor)

This book is a collection of expository articles by well-known mathematicians. Some of them introduce the reader to a major topic, while others provide a glimpse into an active field of research.

The articles were written in honor of K. R. Parthasarathy, renowned mathematician, teacher, and expositor. Some of the articles by his coworkers are related to his work on probability, quantum probability, and group representations. Others are on diverse topics in analysis, geometry, and number theory.
J. Applebaum -- Covariant Poisson fields in Fock space
V. Balaji and C. S. Seshadri -- Remarks on the moduli space of principal bundles
S. G. Dani -- Scattering of products of random matrices
J. E. Hodgins and R. J. Plymen -- The representation theory of p-adic GL(n) and Deligni-Langlands parameters
A. S. Holevo -- The structure of classical noise
R. L. Hudson -- Thinking noncommutatively
K. K. Murty -- Fermat's Last Theorem
K. Paranjape -- Axiomatic and coordinate geometry
R. R. Murty -- Counting finite groups
K. Schmidt -- From infinitely divisible representations to cohomological rigidity
R. R. Simha and V. Srinivas -- Riemann surfaces
K. B. Sinha -- Representation of Q-commutation relations
A. Sitaram -- Some qualitative uncertainty principles in harmonic analysis
V. S. Sunder -- Notes on the imprimitivity theorem
M. Vanninathan -- Homogenization and related developments
V. S. Varadarajan -- Quantum kinematics and projective unitary representations of abelian groups
S. R. S. Varadhan -- Nongradient models in hydrodynamic scaling

Texts and Readings in Mathematics/ 10
1997‚ 9788185931128‚ 422 pages‚ hard cover‚ Out of Print