Texts and Readings in Mathematics

Algebraic Topology: A Primer (2/E)
Satya Deo

trim-27-innerThis is the second (revised and enlarged) edition of the book originally published in 2003. It introduces the first concepts of Algebraic Topology like general simplicial complexes, simplicial homology theory, fundamental groups, covering spaces and singular homology theory in detail. The text has been designed for undergraduate and beginning graduate students of Mathematics. It assumes a minimal background of linear algebra, group theory and topological spaces. The author has dealt with the basic concepts and ideas in a very lucid manner giving suitable motivations and illustrations. As an application of the tools developed in this book, some classical theorems like Brouwer's fixed point theorem, the Lefschetz fixed point theorem, the Borsuk-Ulam theorem, Brouwer's separation theorem and the theorem on invariance of domain have been proved and illustrated. Most of the exercises are elementary but some are more challenging and will help the readers in their understanding of the subject.
1 Basic Topology: A review
2 The Fundamental Group
3 Simplicial Complexes
4 Simplicial Homology
5 Covering Projections
6 Singular Homology
7 Appendix

Texts and Readings in Mathematics/27
2018, 358 pages, 9789386279675, Softcover, Rs. 650.00