Texts and Readings in Mathematics

Algebraic Topology - A Primer
Satya Deo

This is a basic text on algebraic topology designed for a one-year course at the master's or beginning Ph.D. level. Basic concepts are discussed in detail, such as the fundamental group, covering projections, simplicial complexes, and simplicial homology. Singular homology is introduced to give a glimpse of an abstract homology theory in the sense of Elienberg and Steenrod.

Interesting applications, examples, and exercises are included. An introductory chapter and an appendix covering basic topology and algebra make the book self-contained.

In this reprint edition several errors have been corrected. Exercises in various chapters have been increased. A small section on Tor and Ext functors has been added in the Appendix for completeness.
1.Basic topology: a review
2.The fundamental group
3.Finite simplicial complexes
4.Simplicial homology
5.Covering projections
6.Singular homology

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Corrected Reprint 2006, 9788185931685, 388 pages, paper cover, Rs. 475.00