Texts and Readings in Mathematics

Algebraic Geomtery for Beginners
C. Musili

This book offers a self-contained elementary introduction to the fundamental concepts and techniques of Algebraic Geometry, leading to some gems of the subject like Bezout's Theorem, the Fundamental Theorem of Projective Geometry, and Zariski's Main Theorem.

The book contains a detailed treatment of algebraic plane curves with a special emphasis on elliptic curves and their birational classification. The role played by elliptic curves in modern theory of cryptology is illustrated.

A novel feature of the book is a discussion of the state of the art on the Jacobian Problem and its relation to the Epimorphism Theorem. The recently introduced Tame Transformation Method of Cryptosystems, is sketched.

Prerequisities are limited to a knowledge of finite Galois Theory, and of commutative Noetherian rings. All the Commutative Algebra needed is presented in Chapter 1, and could form the basis for a mini course on the subject. The exposition retains classroom flavour. About 300 exercises are included, often with adequate hints.
1.Commutative algebra
2.Affine varieties
3.Projective varieties
4.Non-singular varieties
5.Plane curves
6.Zariski's main theorem

Texts and Readings in Mathematics/ 20
2008, 432 pages, Softcover, 978-81-85931-66-1, Rs. 580.00