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Algebraic Geometry II
David Mumford, Brown University, USA
Tadao Oda, Tohoku University, Japan

trim73Several generations of students of algebraic geometry have learned the subject from David Mumford's fabled "Red Book" containing notes of his lectures at Harvard University. Their genesis and evolution are described in the preface as:

Initially notes to the course were mimeographed and bound and sold by the Harvard math department with a red cover. These old notes were picked up by Springer and are now sold as the "Red book of Varieties and Schemes". However, every time I taught the course, the content changed and grew. I had aimed to eventually publish more polished notes in three volumes... This book contains what Mumford had then intended to be Volume II. It covers the material in the "Red Book" in more depth with several more topics added. The notes have been brought to the present form in collaboration with T. Oda.

The book is a sequel to Algebraic Geometry I published by Springer-Verlag in 1976.

1 Schemes and sheaves: definitions
2 Exploring the world of schemes
3 Elementary global study of Proj R
4 Ground fields and base rings
5 Singular vs. non-singular
6 Group schemes and applications

Table of Contents

2015, 9789380250809, 516 pages, Hard cover, Rs.1150.00